Euro 2024 Fixtures and Match Scoresheet

Euro 2024 Fixtures and Match Scoresheet

Track your favorite team in this new format of UEFA Euro 2024 Football Championship tournament using this Excel template. See your team schedule, put their actual score results and see your team position in their respective groups.

24 teams will compete to become a champion on this 4-yearly event. After successful first tournament with 24 teams in 2016, UEFA decide to keep the number of teams to compete for the Euro trophy again. 24 teams are already set. Full schedule for final tournament has been released to make all participants, committee, televisons and all related parties can make preparation toward the tournament. Germany are the host of the tournament. No more 12 countries as previous event.

Italy is the reigning champion. But, after becoming the Champion brilliantly, their performance went downward. They failed to qualify for World Cup. They changed the Coach. We will see how well they will perform in this tournament. They are placed in Group B with Spain is the real threat. It looks like they will advance. But, ball is round. Let’s see.

It will be tough to calculate group rank manually due to complicated tie-breaker regulation. That’s why this Euro 2024 Schedule and Match Scoresheet will help you solving those headache by just typing scores in respective matches.

There are formulas work in the background that will adjust group ranks automatically. They will also place teams in knock out bracket automatically. Then you can continue to fill the scores until the final round.

Also, there are conditional formatting formula that will colorize highlighted matches, teams and knock out brackets. It should be useful to track performance of teams from particular groups. Furthermore, it should ease you to spot your team in this Excel template.

We have created several versions of Euro 2024 spreadsheets. The first version only has score fields to update the scores. Other has stats and goal scorers fields to accommodate you who want to track your favorite team in more detail. Details and records should be taken into accounts while predicting their matches. Also, head-to-head records should give you additional consideration on predicting the winner. Don’t forget to try our partner Euro 2024 office pool spreadsheet that you can use to play prediction game among your friends and relative during this tournament.

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