Football World Cup 2022 Schedule Template

Football World Cup 2022 Schedule Template

Football World Cup 2022 Schedule Template is an Excel template with list of World Cup 2022 tournament schedule. It is not just a plain schedule. You will find an active score fields where every time you put scores, group standings will adjust team rankings automatically.

World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar in 8 stadiums, all are within 35 miles from Doha, the capital city of Qatar. It will take time from 21st November to 18th December. Unusual time period for World Cup tournament where it usually held in June. But, it has too. The temperature in June is very hot in Qatar and in any countries in Middle East Asia.

With that conditions, where all leagues around the world have to be halted to allow players to join their national teams, it will be hard to predict which country that should win this year World Cup. France won the last tournament. They will be tested hard here. It is played in Asia, in the middle of European league competition, and with not very friendly temperature.

Qatar is the second host from Asia (Japan/South Korea hosts the first one in 2002). Qatar could follow South Korea to advance from group stages, but it won’t be easy. Other Asian countries, like South Korea, Saudi Arabia or Japan might have greater chances to advance to KO rounds. Let’s see.

Here is the schedule.


Before using it regularly, you can set its timezone by adding or subtracting time difference between your timezone and Qatar time zone in its setup worksheet. You can also translate team names and other texts to your own language. There is a language table you fill with your own language.

Teams in Knock Out rounds will be placed automatically. You just need to fill the scores in its score fields. Additional penalty score boxes will be shown automatically in Knock Out rounds.

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