Employee of The Month Certificate

This employee of the month certificate is dedicated to the most diligent employee of the month. By giving your employee this monthly award, it may increase their efforts in presenting a good employee. It becomes a popular tradition in the United States. To recognize special employees for recognizing outstanding performances and good working relations between read more »

Web Design Price List

Web Design Price List is essential for you who have web design business. You need it because when you meet potential client, you ought to show them the price list of your packages so they can choose the most suitable package for them. Creating packages with different prices for web design business is necessity because read more »

Architect Manager Cover Letter Template

Many people, especially architect students, wanted to be a famous architect maybe as an architect manager. However, before they can realize that dream, they must face one challenge, which is creating and realizing great designs. It cannot be done instantly because they need to begin with small things and move forward to next steps; make read more »

Daily Special Menu

Displaying the daily special menu is a smart strategy to promote your business in culinary. It helps the customers find out what you have to offer in your restaurant. Although there have been many people running the similar business, you can still have the opportunity to provide special foods to make everyone’s tummy happy. It read more »

Holiday Gift Certificate

Have you ever considered making a holiday gift certificate as a present to your loved one? Mostly, people will think about a physically 3D stuff to be given to someone special on particular occasion. Take for example a watch, dress, jewelry, tie and many more. Unfortunately, not everyone has the enough time to hunt for read more »